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Chartered Professional Accountants in Surrey, BC

Business accountants at Plett and Associates can do all your bookkeeping and also help with preparing your financial statements, reports and tax filing.

Bookkeeping :

Maintaining proper books and records for your company is vitally important for several reasons. The first that most people think about is that Canada Revenue Agency requires anyone who carries on a business or is engaged in a commercial activity in Canada to keep records containing information to enable the determination of their liabilities and obligations.


Financial Statement Reporting :

There are three main types of financial reporting that a business can require : An audit, a review, or a compilation. All three involve an independent accountant providing an opinion on the fairness of the operations of the business represented in its financial statements.


Corporate Tax Returns :

Every corporation is required to file an annual return to report their taxable income and to calculate their taxes owed. The deadline for filing this return is six months after the company’s fiscal year end, however taxes owing are due either two months after the year end or three months after the year end if you are eligible for the one month extension.


Taxation :

There are various types of obligations a taxpayer has for their commodity taxes. It’s important to make sure you meet your deadlines otherwise significant penalties can apply. We can help with your commodity taxation obligations.


Other Reporting :

Each business whether incorporated or not has various reporting requirements that are not tax related. We can help with your reporting obligations in areas such as :

  • Payroll & source deductions
  • Worksafe
  • Statistics Canada
  • T5018 – Statement of Contract Payments
  • T3 slip reporting
  • T4 reporting
  • T5 reporting
  • & many more.

At Plett and Associates if you need a hand with your various reporting requirements we are here to help.

Business Consulting :

Need something special done for your business?

  • A special job or report
  • Policies and procedures designed and put in place but you don’t have time


At Plett and Associates we are here to help you become successful!

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